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Auto Recall Service at Coughlin Automotive

Bring your vehicle into one of our local Coughlin Automotive Service Centers for expert and quick vehicle recall service.


Matt Dillon here, for the Coughlin Automotive Group. If you’ve seen the news lately and had any concern if your car or truck is one of the 33,000,000 vehicles recalled in the last year, for any number of reasons, please know that Coughlin is here to help.

With fourteen new car brands, and providing recall service for nearly twenty, the Coughlin Automotive Group has created the form to the left to help you find out if you are part of any of our manufacture’s recall campaigns. Simply send us your name, e-mail, vehicle make and model and the Vehicle Identification Number, or VIN, and someone one our staff will follow-up with you within 24hrs of your inquiry.

It is our goal to do our best and help ease any anxiety you or your family may be having. We know that some of the manufactures have been slow to react, and we are working with them to help streamline as best as possible.

Thank you for your continued support, we hope to have you confidently driving your car again very soon.

Columbus Area Auto Recall Service Centers

Our Coughlin Automotive Service Centers currently serve as the headquarters for Central Ohio vehicle recall service around Columbus. Our technicians are standing by to answer any auto recall questions about your particular model so contact us today. We can also schedule your recall service appointment right online by clicking to our auto repair appointment page.

Serving: Columbus, Pataskala, Newark, Circleville, Marysville, Heath, Chillicothe, Johnstown, Zanesville